Definition of Find in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Find (in computer networking)?

A dialog box in Microsoft Windows 2000 that lets you locate objects in Active Directory. The Find dialog box allows you to query the global catalog server for objects such as users, groups, computers, shared folders, printers, and other objects in Active Directory.

How it works

To use the Find dialog box, open a console with the snap-in for Active Directory Users and Computers installed, right-click on a container or organizational unit, and select Find from the shortcut menu. Then specify what kinds of objects you want to search for within Active Directory, such as

  • Users, contacts, and groups
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Shared folders
  • Directory folders
  • Routers
  • Custom search

Next specify whether you want to search the entire Active Directory, a particular domain, or a particular organizational unit. Finally, specify the query parameters associated with the type of object you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for users, contacts, or groups, you can specify the name of the object, its description, or specific attributes of the object such as home phone or e-mail address.


If you are performing a search based on an attribute of an object, you must specify a value for this attribute.

Graphic F-14. Find.