IIS6, Appendix A: IIS Deployment Procedures

Appendix A: IIS Deployment Procedures in The Network Encyclopedia Tutorials and Documentation (IIS 6.0 Deployment Guide)

Appendix A: IIS Deployment Procedures


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In This Appendix

Assign Additional IP Addresses to a Network Adapter

Assign a Server Certificate to a Web Site

Back Up and Restore Registry Entries

Back Up and Restore the IIS Metabase

Back Up and Restore the Web Server to a File or Tape

Configure an ASP.NET Application for ASP.NET

Configure Anonymous User Identity

Configure a Web Site to be FrontPage Extended

Configure Application Identity for IIS 5.0 Isolation Mode

Configure Application Isolation Modes

Configure Application Isolation Settings for IIS 5.0 Isolation Mode

Configure Application Pool Health

Configure Application Pool Identity

Configure Application Pool Performance

Configure Application Pool Recycling

Configure FrontPage Server Roles

Configure Compression

Configure FTP Server Authentication

Configure IIS Components and Services

Configure IP Address Assigned to Web Sites

Configure IP Address and Domain Name Restrictions

Configure MIME Types

Configure NTFS Permissions

Configure the State Service on the ASP.NET State Server

Configure the Registry

Configure the Web Site Identification Number

Configure Web Server Authentication

Configure Web Service Extensions

Configure Web Site Permissions

Configure Windows Server 2003 Services

Convert Existing Disk Volumes to NTFS

Create a Service Account

Create A SQL Server Database for Storing ASP.NET Session State

Create a Virtual Directory in IIS 6.0

Create a Web Site

Debug Application Pool Failures

Determine Web Sites Uniquely Identified by IP Addresses

Disable Network Adapters

Enable ASP.NET

Enable Buffering on the Administrative Web Site

Enable Logging_IIS_SP1_Dep

Enable Network Adapters

Enable Security Auditing

Enable the WWW Service After Upgrade

Enable Web Site Content Auditing

Export a Server Certificate

Gather and Display WWW Service Uptime Data

Grant User Rights to a Service Account

Install a Server Certificate

Install IIS 6.0

Install Subauthentication

Isolate Applications in Worker Process Isolation Mode

Make a Service Account a Member of the Local Administrators Group

Migrate CDONTS

Modify the IIS Metabase Directly

Monitor Active Web and FTP Connections

Obtain a Server Certificate for an NLB Cluster

Pause Web or FTP Sites

Publish Web Site Content with FrontPage

Remove Virtual Directories

Request a Server Certificate

Secure the Root Folder of Each Disk Volume

Secure Windows Server 2003 Built-in Accounts

Set Processor Affinity

Stop the WWW Service

Upgrade FrontPage Extended Web Sites

View Application Isolation Configuration

View Web Site and Application Process Identities