IIS6, Configuring IIS 6.0 Properties

Configuring IIS 6.0 Properties in The Network Encyclopedia Tutorials and Documentation (IIS 6.0 Deployment Guide)

Configuring IIS 6.0 Properties

Up to this point in the upgrade process, you have upgraded the operating system and all of the operating system components, including IIS 6.0, on the Web server. However, you might need to further configure the IIS 6.0 properties on the Web server so that the Web sites run as they did before the server was upgraded. In addition, you can configure your Web server to take advantage of the enhanced security and availability capabilities of IIS 6.0.

Figure 5.5 illustrates the process for configuring the IIS 6.0 properties on your Web server.

Figure 5.5   Configuring IIS 6.0 Properties

Configuring IIS 6.0 Properties


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