IIS6, Migrating Web Sites Manually

Migrating Web Sites Manually in The Network Encyclopedia Tutorials and Documentation (IIS 6.0 Deployment Guide)

Migrating Web Sites Manually

Earlier in the process, you decided whether to migrate your Web sites with the IIS 6.0 Migration Tool or to migrate them manually. If you are unable to use the migration tool, you must migrate manually, or use existing provisioning or setup scripts.

When there are provisioning or setup scripts for your Web sites and applications, use these scripts to install the Web sites and applications on the target server. These scripts might require modification to be compatible with worker process isolation mode, which is discussed in Evaluating Application Changes Required for IIS 6.0 Worker Process Isolation Mode earlier in this section.

Because the scripts install and configure the Web sites and applications, no migration is required. In this case, run the scripts to install and configure the Web sites and applications and then proceed to Configuring IIS 6.0 Properties later in this section to continue with the process.

Figure 6.6 illustrates the process migrating Web sites manually to IIS 6.0..

Figure 6.6   Performing a Manual Migration to IIS 6.0

Performing a Manual Migration to IIS 6.0