Definition of isinteg in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Isinteg?

A command-line utility in Microsoft Exchange Server for checking the consistency of the information store databases at a higher level than the eseutil utility does. The isinteg utility checks for problems relating to referential integrity of the information store databases that are preventing the information store services from starting or are preventing users from accessing their stored messages. Such a situation can arise after the information store is restored from an offline backup.

You can run isinteg (which stands for the Information Store Integrity Checker) in two different modes:

  • Test mode, which allows you to search the information store databases for errors in tables, unreferenced objects, and incorrect reference counts. Select the Fix option in Test mode to repair any errors the utility finds.
  • Patch mode, which is for repairing an information store that will not start after being restored from an offline backup.

The isinteg utility is located in the Exchsrvr\Bin directory on an Exchange server. You should not use isinteg as part of your regular Exchange server maintenance plan - it is intended only for troubleshooting use, especially in consultation with Microsoft Product Support Services.


Always back up your information store databases before running this utility!