Key Manager

Definition of Key Manager in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Key Manager?

A component of Internet Information Server version 4 and earlier that generates certificate requests and key pairs for enabling the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. You can use Key Manager to do the following:

  • Create a certificate request file and send it to Microsoft Certificate Server to obtain a digital certificate
  • Install a server certificate on a virtual server, thus enabling the virtual server for SSL
  • Generate a key pair for the public key cryptography used in SSL

How it works

To use Key Manager to obtain a digital certificate from a certificate authority (CA), start Key Manager from the toolbar of Internet Services Manager. Then choose Create New Key from the Key menu. The key request file that is generated is a text file that you can e-mail to a third-party CA such as VeriSign or send directly over the network to Certificate Server if you have it configured as your CA.


In Internet Information Services (IIS) 5, Key Manager has been replaced with Certificate Manager.