LAN security switch

Definition of LAN security switch in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is LAN security switch?

A type of manual switch that can be used to physically disconnect two or more local area network (LAN) segments. LAN security switches create a physical break in a circuit, preventing the flow of data between the connected segments. LAN security switches are available for both copper cabling and fiber-optic cabling.

A fiber-optic LAN security switch has a small mirror inside that rotates when you manually flip a switch or rotate a dial to open or close the connection. You cannot operate LAN security switches remotely using electronic means; they must be operated manually.

LAN security switches are typically used in high-security networking environments that must meet the highest government or military security standards.

For example, a network supervisor can use a LAN switch at the end of the day to physically disconnect a portion of the network that includes servers that store sensitive data, thus preventing users from accessing the servers during off hours. This is generally more convenient and safer than going into the server room and unplugging connectors from a hub.

Graphic L-1. LAN security switch.