Definition of logoff in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Logoff?

The process by which users notify a network’s security authority (such as a Microsoft Windows NT domain controller) that they are terminating their session on the network.

Users should always log off their computers when they are finished for the day to prevent unauthorized access to the network through their computers by others who might use the building at night.

If you find that users do not log off their computers, try configuring logon hours restrictions on your domain controllers to forcibly disconnect users after work hours. You can also check whether your password policy is too strict, which might encourage users to stay logged on to avoid having to reenter a complex password each time they return to their station.


In Windows NT and Windows 2000, if you are leaving your desk for only a short time, you can lock your workstation by using Ctrl+Alt+Delete instead of logging off. It’s faster, and it allows applications such as your e-mail program to continue running.