logon script

Definition of logon script in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Logon Script?

A batch file that automatically runs every time a user logs on to a network. A typical logon script might contain a series of net.exe commands that synchronize the clock of the client computer with a particular server, ensure that mapped network drives are available, restore printer connections, and perform other actions to configure the user’s work environment.

Logon scripts are primarily intended for non–Microsoft Windows and legacy Windows clients that are part of a Windows NT–based or Windows 2000–based network. This is because Windows NT Workstation and Windows 2000 Professional make use of user profiles instead for configuring the user’s desktop, network, and printer connections.

Logon Script example

The following simple script runs when a Windows client logs on to a Windows NT Primary Domain Controller. The script synchronizes the workstation’s clock with the server, maps the drive letter K to a share on the server, and then exits.

net time \\pdc /set /yes >nulnet use k: \\pdc\homeexit