Maintenance Wizard

Definition of Maintenance Wizard in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Maintenance Wizard?

A wizard in Microsoft Windows 98 that lets you schedule disk maintenance utilities to ensure optimum performance for your applications. Administrators can use the Maintenance Wizard on Windows 98–based networks to configure workstation maintenance schedules and processes.

Graphic M-1. This wizard is part of Windows 98.

How it works

Use the Maintenance Wizard to set the schedule for system tools to check your hard disks for problems and free up additional space on your disks. You start the wizard by choosing Accessories from the Start menu and then choosing the System Tools and Maintenance Wizard from the submenus. When you run the wizard, you specify the following:

  • When the maintenance tasks should be scheduled to run
  • Whether to defragment your hard disks by using Disk Defragmenter
  • Whether to check your hard disks by using Scandisk
  • Whether to free up additional space by using Disk Cleanup to delete temporary files and other unnecessary files