Definition of memory.dmp in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is memory.dmp?

A file produced when you configure a recovery setting using the System utility of Control Panel in Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000. The memory.dmp file consists of the contents of the pagefile when a Stop screen was generated because of operating system failure. Microsoft support technicians can analyze this file to determine the cause of the failure.


To save memory.dmp, the pagefile must be at least 1 MB larger than the amount of RAM in the system and must also reside on the system partition. There must also be sufficient free space for memory.dmp to be saved on the system partition. If you encounter a Stop screen and contact Microsoft product support, and the support technician requests that you send the memory.dmp file, you can compress the file using Pkzip or Winzip before sending the file to Microsoft by means of File Transfer Protocol (FTP). You can also back up the file to tape or write it to a CD and e-mail it. A third option is to use a utility called dumpexam.exe to extract essential information from the file into a much smaller memory.txt file for analysis by Microsoft technical support.