Message Tracking Center

Definition of Message Tracking Center in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Message Tracking Center (Exchange Server)?

A tool included with Microsoft Exchange Server for tracking the flow of messages through an Exchange e-mail system. You can use the Message Tracking Center to identify and diagnose messaging problems such as slow or stopped connections and slow network segments or wide area network (WAN) links.

You can also use the Message Tracking Center to locate a specific message - for example, to track an unauthorized message and remove it from the system.


To use the Message Tracking Center, message tracking must first be enabled on one or more of the following Exchange components:

  • Message Transfer Agent (MTA)
  • Information Store
  • Internet Mail Service
  • Microsoft Mail Connector

When message tracking is enabled, log files are generated by the System Attendant on each server. The Message Tracking Center then interprets and analyzes these logs.