Microsoft FrontPage

Definition of Microsoft FrontPage in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Microsoft FrontPage?

Microsoft’s Web site–management and content-development tool, which is part of the Microsoft Office family of productivity tools. Microsoft FrontPage 2000 includes a number of different views for developing, maintaining, and troubleshooting Web site content, including the following:

  • Page view:
    Allows users to display their content in normal (WYSIWYG) format, work directly in HTML, or preview their content as it will appear in a browser


  • Folders view:
    Displays the Web pages, graphics, and other files that are in the various folders making up a site


  • Reports view:
    Lets users run predefined reports that list slow pages, find unlinked or recently modified files, locate broken hyperlinks, and so on


  • Navigation view:
    Lets users create navigation bars and view the overall structure of their site


  • Hyperlinks view:
    Graphically displays the status of links


  • Tasks view:
    Lets users view and assign tasks in environments where groups of developers are collaborating on creating a site


FrontPage works with Web servers that have FrontPage Server Extensions installed on them, such as Internet Information Services (IIS) of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. These server extensions enable FrontPage users to easily create and update dynamic Web content on local intranet or remote Internet Web servers.