Microsoft Modem Sharing Server

Definition of Microsoft Modem Sharing Server in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Microsoft Modem Sharing Server?

A component of Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server that enables users to connect to remote networks, online bulletin board systems, and the Internet. Microsoft Modem Sharing Server lets you pool modems installed on your server to provide users with greater bandwidth.

Users connect to and use this pool in the same way that they use locally connected modems. This sharing of modems decreases hardware costs because individual users do not require locally attached modems.

When users need access to a remote network or an online service, they simply run the modem sharing application. The application uses a Component Object Model (COM) port that is connected over the network to a modem pool on your server running Small Business Server.

An available modem from the modem pool dials the remote network or online service. If more than one modem is in the modem pool, your server automatically uses the next available modem in the pool.