Microsoft NetMeeting

Definition of Microsoft NetMeeting in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Microsoft NetMeeting?

An application included with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 that offers real-time communication over the Internet using audio and video conferencing capabilities. Microsoft NetMeeting uses Internet Locator Service (ILS) to locate other NetMeeting users who can be invited to participate in conferencing and collaboration.

NetMeeting includes the following features:

  • Support for T.120 and H.323 standards.
  • Audio and video conferencing capabilities.
  • Text-based chat windows.
  • Binary file transfers between users.
  • Multipoint data conferencing for sharing Microsoft Windows-based programs with multiple remote users in real time. Others can see what you are doing with a program, and they can remotely take control of the application.
  • Whiteboard for sharing graphics and real-time drawings.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook Express so that users can send e-mail to the people they can’t reach for an actual conference.