moving files

Definition of moving files in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Moving Files (in computer networking)?

Changing the location of a file on a hard disk or a distributed storage system. On NTFS volumes located on machines running Microsoft Windows NT or Windows 2000, the effect of moving a file depends on whether the file is moved within a volume or to a different volume:

  • If you move a file within an NTFS volume, it retains its original permissions.
  • If you move a file between volumes, it inherits the permissions of the folder it is moved to.

If you move an object within Active Directory on a Windows 2000–based network, the object loses any permissions that were assigned to the organizational unit (OU) in which it resided and inherits the permissions assigned to the OU to which it is moved. Also, any permissions that were explicitly assigned to the object remain in effect after the object is moved. For example, you might move an object in Active Directory if a user has changed departments and you have to move the user object from the Sales OU to the Marketing OU. Use the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in for Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to move objects in Active Directory.