NetLogon Share

Definition of NetLogon Share in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is NetLogon Share?

The administrative share for the scripts folder on Microsoft Windows NT domain controllers at %SystemRoot%\system32\repl\import\scripts. This share is used by the NetLogon service for the following purposes:

  • Storing a default user profile for users (which must be stored in a subdirectory called Default User). If a user without a local profile on his or her workstation or a server-based roaming profile logs on, the default user profile is used.
  • Storing logon scripts (for example, logon.bat).
  • Storing system policies (ntconfig.pol or config.pol files).

When a client logs on to a Windows NT domain and is authenticated, the final step in the logon process involves connecting to the NetLogon share and downloading or applying any of the items in the preceding list.