NNTP service

Definition of NNTP service in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is NNTP service?

A Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows NT service that is installed on Windows 2000 Server by default and installed when Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) version 4 is set up on Windows NT. The NNTP service, which you manage using Microsoft Management Console (MMC), hosts Usenet-style newsgroups and allows news readers such as Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Internet Mail and News to access those newsgroups and post messages to them.

Features of the NNTP service on IIS include the following:

  • Security that is based on access control lists (ACLs) and NTFS
  • Different methods of NNTP client authentication, including Basic Authentication, Anonymous Access, Challenge/Response (NTLM), Microsoft Commercial Internet System (MCIS), and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) authentication
  • Integration with Event Viewer, Windows NT’s Performance Monitor, Windows 2000’s System Monitor, and other standard Windows NT and Windows 2000 monitoring and troubleshooting tools
  • Support for different content types, including text, HTML, GIF, JPEG, and MIME
  • Integration with Microsoft Indexing Service to enable searching of newsgroup message content
  • Management using MMC or from a Web browser

The NNTP service on IIS 4 can use virtual directories to make locating newsgroup content easier.