Object Manager

Definition of Object Manager in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Object Manager?

A component of Windows NT executive running in kernel mode that creates, deletes, and manages executive objects (data types that represent system resources) and manages the global namespace for the Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems.

How It Works

Windows NT and Windows 2000 are considered object-based operating systems because they control access to all system objects (system resources such as files, printers, and threads). Applications running on Windows NT or Windows 2000 cannot manipulate system resources directly - they must ask Windows NT or Windows 2000 to perform the desired action on the object. This feature provides the basis for all Windows NT and Windows 2000 security, including access control, auditing, and memory protection.

All operating system resources in Windows NT and Windows 2000 are implemented as objects, which are abstract representations of the resources that the operating system can manage. The Object Manager performs actions such as creating, monitoring, and securing the object by invoking the object’s methods. The Object Manager also maintains a global hierarchical namespace of all the objects managed by Windows NT and Windows 2000.