print permissions

Definition of print permissions in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Print Permissions?

A set of permissions assigned to users and groups to control access to the printers on a Microsoft Windows NT print server. Suitable print permissions are an important part of network administration, especially in enterprise-level networks with different administrative levels. There are four levels of print permissions, as described in the following table.

Print Permissions

Permission What It Allows Users to Do
no access
Cannot connect to or print to a printer
Connect to a printer
Print a document
Manage your own documents only
manage documents
Print permissions plus:
Pause and restart any document
Delete any document
Manage job settings for all documents
full control
Manage documents permissions plus:
Share a printer
Change printer properties
Delete a printer
Change printer permissions

On a Windows 2000 print server, the full control permission is called “manage printers.” Also, instead of using a no access permission, you permit or deny the manage printers, manage documents, or print permissions. You can, in addition, click the Advanced button on the Printer Properties property page to configure more granular customized sets of printer permissions.


In Windows 2000, you can remotely administer printers using a Web browser by accessing the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) http://Print_Server_Name/printers. Administrators can configure printer permissions and settings, check the status of printers, and create real-time reports on printer usage.