Definition of redirector in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Redirector?

A networking software component installed on a client machine or workstation that allows a client to access file and print services on a network server. The redirector makes it appear to the client that the file and print resources are located on the local machine instead of elsewhere on the network.

How It Works

On a machine running Microsoft Windows NT or Windows 2000, the Workstation service is the default redirector. However, you can install multiple redirectors on a machine running Windows NT or Windows 2000 if you need connectivity to different file systems. In Windows NT and Windows 2000, the redirector is implemented in the form of a file system driver. When a client program requests a network resource, the request is handed to the I/O Manager, which calls the redirector. The redirector translates the request into Server Message Block (SMB) requests for transmission over the network to the Server service on the remote computer.