replica domain controller

Definition of replica domain controller in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Replica Domain Controller?

A type of domain controller in a Microsoft Windows 2000–based network. A replica domain controller is a domain controller that has joined an existing domain. The replica domain controller gets its copy of the Active Directory database from the first domain controller in the domain. A replica domain controller is created when an existing member server in a domain is promoted to a domain controller using the Active Directory Installation Wizard.

Replica domain controllers can provide several functions in a Windows 2000–based network, including the following:

  • Improving support for network logons and access to network resources
  • Providing fault tolerance for Active Directory by supplying a backup copy of the directory database

You must have administrative privileges in the domain to promote an existing member server to a replica domain controller. At least one Domain Name System (DNS) server must also be running on the network, and at least one domain controller must be running in the target domain.

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