Server Manager

Definition of Server Manager in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Server Manager?

A Microsoft Windows NT administrative tool for managing Windows NT domains and servers. You can use Server Manager to:

  • Add a computer to a domain or remove it from a domain
  • View users connected to a server and disconnect them
  • Configure directory replication between servers
  • Start, stop, and pause services on servers
  • Synchronize domain controllers within a domain
  • Specify recipients of administrative alerts
  • View and manage directories that are shared

    Graphic S-5. Server Manager.


The administrative functions of Server Manager in Windows NT are divided among several administrative consoles in Microsoft Windows 2000. For example,

  • To create a computer account or add a computer to a domain, use Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • To remotely manage services, shares, sessions, and open files, use Computer Management.

To use Server Manager to create a new share on a remote server, you must know the exact path to the folder you want to share. To determine the exact path, map a drive to the root administrative share on the appropriate drive of the remote server (for example, \\REMOTE_SERVER\C$) and browse the folder structure or create a new folder. Return to Server Manager and choose Shared Directories from the Computer menu, click the New Share button, and enter the share name and path.