Set Up Computer Wizard

Definition of Set Up Computer Wizard in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Set Up Computer Wizard?

A tool included with Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server that automates the job of configuring Microsoft Windows–based client computers running in a Small Business Server network.

The Set Up Computer Wizard creates a setup floppy disk that allows a user with a client computer to easily connect to the server. Once a user is connected to the server, the client computer can be configured and software can be installed.

This frees the user from having to configure network settings, figure out how to join a domain, find out where the server is located, install client applications, configure the e-mail client, and so on.

How It Works

Setting up and configuring client computers involves two components:

  • Set Up Computer Wizard, which runs on the server
  • Client Installation Wizard, which runs on the client

To add a new client computer to the network, an administrator runs the Set Up Computer Wizard on the server. The administrator must perform the following functions when using the Set Up Computer Wizard:

  • Select the user who will be using the client computer. (The user must be set up to use a logon script.)
  • Specify a client computer name. (The Set Up Computer Wizard provides a suggested computer name.)
  • Specify the operating system for the client (Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT Workstation 4.0).
  • Specify the applications to install on the client, which might include Microsoft Fax client, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Modem Sharing client, Microsoft Proxy client, Microsoft Office 2000 (including Microsoft Outlook), and Outlook.

When the Set Up Computer Wizard completes, it creates the following items:

  • A user-specific floppy disk containing the user’s client configuration information
  • A logon script on the server for the specified user
  • A set of client configuration files on the server for the specified computer
  • A machine account on the server for the computer

To configure the client computer, the user inserts the disk in the computer and runs the setup program, and the following client network setup occurs:

  • Configuration of the client’s network settings, including installing TCP/IP
  • Configuration of the client so that the user can connect to the Small Business Server domain

Once the client network setup has been performed, the client computer will need to be restarted. After restarting, the user should be able to log on to the Small Business Server. When the user logs on to the server, the Client Installation Wizard starts automatically. The Client Installation Wizard will install and configure the selected client applications.


The Set Up Computer Wizard can be modified to support other client applications.

In many small businesses, a single computer might have more than one user. The Set Up Computer Wizard lets administrators easily configure a single computer for multiple users.