shared SCSI bus

Definition of shared SCSI bus in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is shared SCSI bus?

In Microsoft Cluster Services (MSCS), a shared storage bus that attaches one or more Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) disk drives containing data that can be used by applications running on the cluster. The shared SCSI bus logically represents the total interconnection between the cluster and the shared storage devices, but in practice this consists of a number of electrically separate SCSI bus segments. Each disk on a shared SCSI bus is owned by only one of the cluster’s nodes. If the disk group fails over, ownership of the disk switches from the failed node to the other node.


Remove the internal termination of the SCSI bus and use Y-cables or trilink connectors for terminating the external bus. In this way, you can remove the device if maintenance is required without affecting other devices on the bus.