Site Connector

Definition of Site Connector in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Site Connector?

A connector in Microsoft Exchange Server that is the simplest and most efficient way to connect Exchange sites and swap messages. The Site Connector enables Exchange servers in different sites to exchange e-mail messages in their native Exchange message format.

No message conversion takes place, which saves time and processing power. Messages are sent using remote procedure calls (RPCs), and no connection schedule needs to be specified.

Because Site Connectors use RPCs, sites must be connected with a dedicated connection that is always on, such as a local area network (LAN) connection or leased-line wide area network (WAN) link.

The Site Connector also includes automatic features for enabling load balancing and fault tolerance.

Administrators who have the Permissions Admin role can configure Site Connectors at both ends of a LAN or WAN link. When you install a Site Connector, you can specify the following:

  • A bridgehead server in one or both sites that acts as a fixed endpoint of the messaging link between the sites and maintains connectivity between the sites
  • A list of target servers that specify which servers in the remote site can have messages routed to them by the Site Connector