site in Microsoft Exchange Server

Definition of site in Microsoft Exchange Server in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is site in Microsoft Exchange Server?

Two or more computers running Microsoft Exchange Server linked together by local area network (LAN) or high-speed wide area network (WAN) connections. The servers share the same directory information and work together to provide message routing and delivery services for all users in the site.

Exchange sites are usually geographically determined by city, state, country, or continent, depending on the scope of the enterprise. In the Exchange directory hierarchy, the Site container contains the site Configuration container and the site Recipients container.


The following conditions are necessary for Exchange servers to exist in the same site:

  • Servers in the same site must have permanent network connections between them with remote procedure call (RPC) connectivity.
  • Servers in the same site must run under the same service account. (They must have a common security context.)
  • Available network bandwidth must be sufficient for messaging and directory synchronization.