Small Business Server Console

Definition of Small Business Server Console in The Network Encyclopedia.

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Small Business Server Console

The primary administration tool for Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server. The Small Business Server Console provides a consistent and unified wizard-based administration interface for integrated, day-to-day management of Small Business Server users, services, and resources. By deliberately hiding advanced Microsoft Windows NT concepts such as permissions and rights, the Small Business Server administrator can focus on day-to-day administration of server resources and doesn’t need to learn those new concepts.

The Small Business Server Console facilitates task-based administration that doesn’t rely on the use of applications. For example, to create a distribution list, you simply click the console button labeled Create New Distribution List instead of using the Exchange Administrator program. You use the Task page for frequently used management tasks; you use the More Tasks page for less commonly used tasks. Some tasks are also accessible from multiple pages in the console, with hyperlinks between related tasks. This eliminates flipping between console pages and speeds common administration tasks.

Wizards throughout the console guide you through the steps required to complete a selected task. For example, if you want to add a new user, a wizard leads you through the steps of creating and configuring the new account so that you do not have to use the User Manager for Domains administrative tool. By default, new users are granted access to common shared resources such as company folders, printers, faxes, the Internet, and dial-up networking.