SQL Server tools

Definition of SQL Server tools in The Network Encyclopedia.

What are SQL Server tools?

Tools in Microsoft SQL Server for administering SQL servers and databases. SQL Server 7 has replaced, renamed, or dropped some of the tools in previous versions and added new ones. The following table shows some of the most commonly used SQL Server 6 tools and their new names or replacement utilities in SQL Server 7.

SQL Server Tools

SQL Server 6 SQL Server 7
SQL Server Query Analyzer
MS Query
SQL Client Configuration
SQL Client Network utility
SQL Enterprise Manager
SQL Server Enterprise Manager
SQL Security Manager
SQL Trace
SQL Server Profiler
SQL Performance Monitor
Performance Monitor
SQL Service Manager
SQL Server Service Manager
SQL Setup
SQL Server Setup


SQL Server 7 includes the same command-line tools as those in SQL Server 6. In addition, version 7 includes a large number of wizards that simplify common SQL Server and database administration tasks. Version 7 also uses the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), while version 6 does not. The console for SQL Server 7 is SQL Server Enterprise Manager.