System Configuration utility

Definition of System Configuration utility in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is System Configuration utility?

A Microsoft Windows 98 utility that automates routine Windows troubleshooting tasks. The System Configuration utility (msconfig.exe) replaces the sysedit.exe program in earlier versions of Windows and has the added feature of allowing you to make backups of key system files. You can use the System Configuration utility to modify startup and initialization settings in files such as system.ini and config.sys by using Windows controls instead of a text editor such as Notepad.

The System Configuration utility lets you create a clean startup environment for troubleshooting purposes and determine the source of a boot problem by the process of elimination. You can select the items in your Startup group and in the Run and RunServices keys of your registry that you want to enable or disable. You can access the System Configuration utility from the Tools menu of the System Information utility in your System Tools program group.