System File Checker

Definition of System File Checker in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is System File Checker?

A Microsoft Windows 98 utility for restoring missing, corrupt, or modified operating system files. The System File Checker (sfc.exe) tracks all modifications to Windows 98 operating system files. You can also configure it to monitor the files of other applications for changes. If the System File Checker determines that a file is missing, changed, or corrupt, it prompts you to insert the Windows 98 CD to restore these files to their correct state.

The System File Checker is useful because third-party applications occasionally replace original Windows 98 shared system files with versions that are incompatible with other installed applications. You can use the System File Checker to restore your Windows 98 operating system files to their original condition. You can start the System File Checker via the Tools menu of the System Information utility in your System Tools program group.