System Policy Editor

Definition of System Policy Editor in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is System Policy Editor?

A Microsoft Windows NT administrative tool for creating and configuring system policies for Windows NT Workstation clients.

How It Works

System Policy Editor runs in two modes:

  • Policy mode:
    Creates system policies that can be saved in the NetLogon Share of domain controllers and applied to client computers when users log on. This is the normal way of using System Policy Editor.


  • Registry mode:
    Allows direct manipulation of a subset of entries in the Windows NT registry.



Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 98 also include a version of System Policy Editor called poledit.exe for configuring Windows 95 and Windows 98 system policy files.


System polices have been replaced with group policies on the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform, but System Policy Editor (poledit.exe) is still included on Windows 2000 Server as an optional tool for certain downlevel administration uses such as the following:

  • Creating and configuring ntconfig.pol files to lock down servers and workstations running Windows NT 4
  • Creating and configuring config.pol files to lock down client computers running Windows 98 and Windows 95
  • Locking down stand-alone computers running Windows 2000, since these exist outside of Active Directory and therefore cannot be managed by using group policies

Graphic S-25. System Policy Editor.

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