User Manager for Domains

Definition of User Manager for Domains in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is User Manager for Domains?

User Manager for Domains is an administrative tool in Microsoft Windows NT for administering security on computers running Windows NT in a domain. You can use User Manager for Domains to:

  • Create new users and groups
  • Edit the properties of users and groups
  • Set an account policy governing password restrictions
  • Set an audit policy for tracking resource usage
  • Configure trust relationships between domains
  • Assign rights to users and groups

Graphic U-6. User Manager for Domains.


When Windows NT Server is installed as a member server, an administrator who logs on using a local user account can use the User Manager tool to administer the local security database on the computer. User Manager is the same tool as User Manager for Domains but has a different name on a member server or a computer running Windows NT Workstation.

When Microsoft Exchange Server is installed on a server running Windows NT, User Manager has a .dll extension and enables administrators to

  • Create an associated mailbox when they create a new user
  • View and modify the properties of a user’s mailbox

To create and manage users and groups in Microsoft Windows 2000, use Active Directory Users and Computers.


If you need to make the same modification to a series of user accounts (for example, if you need to set new restrictions on logon hours), hold down the Ctrl key and select the accounts, and then choose Properties from the User menu and make the modification.