Windows NT Diagnostics

Definition of Windows NT Diagnostics in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Windows NT Diagnostics?

Windows NT Diagnostics is a Microsoft Windows NT administrative tool useful for troubleshooting different aspects of system and network behavior. Windows NT Diagnostics can be used to display and print important configuration information for your computer running Windows NT Server. Windows NT Diagnostics can display:

  • The operating system version and service packs applied
  • Processor and BIOS information
  • Display, drivers, and memory information
  • Installed services and their current states
  • Hardware settings such as interrupt request (IRQ), I/O port, and direct memory access (DMA) settings
  • System and user environment variables
  • Network interface card (NIC) settings, transports, and statistics

On the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform, the equivalent of Windows NT Diagnostics is the System Information node in Computer Management.