DHCP, Detailed Maintenance Actions

Detailed Maintenance Actions


This chapter provides detailed information about the processes that must be performed in order to maintain Windows Server 2003 DHCP services. These processes are arranged according to the MOF quadrant to which they belong and, within each quadrant, by the MOF SMF guides that make up that quadrant.

Those quadrants are:

  • Operating
  • Supporting
  • Optimizing
  • Changing

For more information about the MOF Process Model and the MOF SMF guides that make up each quadrant of the model, see http://www.microsoft.com/msm. For more information about the MOF Team Model and team role clusters, seehttp://www.microsoft.com/mof.


Operating Quadrant

Storage Management SMF

Operations Role Cluster

As Needed

In this section:

Process: Data backup, restore, and recovery operations
Task: Pull configuration, transaction logs, and database to external storage
Task: Verify previous day's backup job
Task: Verify restore
Process: Storage resource management
Task: Monitor disk space for DHCP logs and database
Process: Perform monitoring
Task: Capture service performance statistics
Task: Capture DHCP services scope usage statistics
Task: Capture DHCP server system load and utilization statistics
Process: Managing resources and service performance
Task: Create service performance and utilization report
Process: Proactive analysis and review
Task: Capture DHCP client-lease information logs
Task: Monitor and resolve alerts indicating DHCP conflict (rogue detection and IP in use)
Task: Monitor key DHCP dependencies (Active Directory and network)
Task: Monitor log for critical DHCP events
Task: Service check-check DHCP authorization status
Task: Service check-resolve alerts indicating DHCP server service is down
Task: Service check-verify that all DHCP relay agents are functioning normally
Task: Service check-verify that the DHCP server is running automated daily database backup
Task: Service check-verify receipt of accurate DHCP configuration from the correct DHCP server
Process: Classification and initial support
Task: Service desk steps to eliminate the DHCP server/service as causing the issue
Process: Investigation and diagnosis
Task: Respond to daily service request
Task: Create weekly service activity report
Process: Review configuration items
Task: Compliance check-modifying the DHCP lease duration
Task: Compliance check-conflict detection on DHCP servers (rogue detection and IP in use)
Task: Compliance check-maintain dynamic update configuration
Process: Change classification
Task: Review emergency change request