SQL Server Enterprise Manager

Definition of SQL Server Enterprise Manager in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is SQL Server Enterprise Manager?

A tool for administering Microsoft SQL Server 7. Called SQL Enterprise Manager in version 6 of SQL Server, SQL Server Enterprise Manager simplifies the task of managing SQL Server and SQL Server objects across an enterprise.

You can use this tool to

  • Manage logons, users, and permissions
  • Create and manage databases and database objects such as tables, views, indexes, rules, stored procedures, and triggers
  • Create full-text indexes
  • Import and export data to files or other database management systems
  • Back up and restore SQL databases and their associated transaction logs
  • Configure alerts and e-mail notifications for events
  • Create scripts for automating tasks
  • Perform Web administration tasks

SQL Server Enterprise Manager is installed with SQL Server by default as a server tool on computers running Microsoft Windows NT Server and Windows 2000 Server, and as a client tool on computers running Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT Workstation, Windows 98, and Windows 95. SQL Server Enterprise Manager is implemented as a snap-in for Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

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