SQL Server Profiler

Definition of SQL Server Profiler in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is SQL Server Profiler?

An administrative tool in Microsoft SQL Server 7. Called SQL Trace in version 6 of SQL Server, SQL Server Profiler can be used to track activity on a server running SQL Server. SQL Server Profiler captures information in the form of engine events that are saved in a trace file. You can then analyze the trace file or use it to replay a series of steps that led to a problem in order to troubleshoot the exact cause of the problem. You can save the trace data to a file or to a database table for further analysis.

You typically use SQL Server Profiler to do the following:

  • Troubleshoot a series of Structured Query Language (SQL) statements by replaying them on a test server
  • Diagnose what is causing a query to execute slowly
  • Debug stored procedures by stepping through them
  • Monitor SQL Server to tune workloads

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