user account

Definition of user account in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is User Account?

User Account is a type of account assigned to an individual user to allow that user to access network resources. These resources can include folders containing files, shared printers, mail services, or databases. The network administrator grants a user access to these resources by assigning the user a user account.

Two types of user accounts are available in Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000:

  • Domain user accounts:
    Created on domain controllers and exist domainwide on the network. You can log on to any computer on the network if you have a domain user account. Domain user accounts are often referred to simply as “user accounts.”


  • Local user accounts:
    Exist only within the directory database of a stand-alone member server or workstation that is not part of a domain. Users who have a local user account can log on only to the computer on which the account was created.



A group account acts as a container for grouping user accounts. Group accounts simplify network administration by allowing multiple users to be granted or denied access to network resources in a single step - by granting or denying access for the group account to the resource.

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